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Sky Catering Solution

Sky Catering Solution

Project Overview

  • Sky catering is a food tech concept of chain of restaurants that brings International cuisines from across the world to customer’s plate.
  • It’s a grab and go concept where the customer grabs the pre-packed meal at the first sky outlet currently located at Omantel HQ (with a vision to expand across the region).
  • Transom (Now known as Oman air catering) is the catering partner has the one of the biggest kitchen and capability to produce 80K meals per day. However, they were utilizing only 2-3 % of its production capability. MAS (Major stakeholder of sky concept) reached out to Omantel (Biggest telecom provider in Oman) to utilize their ground floor area to build sky restaurant that will serve all of it’s 2000+ employee breakfast, Lunch and evening snacks through this outlet.


Pain Points Or Goals

  • To build a robust digital solution with integrated POS, web and mobile applications to minimize the human intervention and automate the entire process from requesting the meals from caterer to serving them to the end customers.
  • To serve 2000+ employees of mixed nationalities and different food preferences with best quality food and optimizing the menu through actionable insights generated by the system.
  • Easier Communication across different stakeholders regarding the operation and accounting.

Background Information and Stages

  1. R&D about existing operation and digital solutions used (if any).
  2. Coming up with an optimized and better solution.
  3. Setting up success Metrices
  4. Launching MVP
  5. Additional features
    1. Pre-order and Meal scheduling,
    2. QR scanning
    3. Managing a cycle based menu
    4. Task sheet implementation
    5. Loyalty program
    6. Online payments
  6. Future Goals
    1. Automatic vending machine implementation
    2. AI based meal recommendations


objectives and tasks at hand

To come up with a digital solution that caters the above-mentioned pain points utilizing the latest technology and is user friendly.

challenges or obstacles faced

  • Persuading the stakeholders to go with a cloud based solution instead of traditional and old system based software.
  • competing with the existing solutions in the market
  • Training the staff on using the platforms.

what needed to be accomplished

  • To build a cloud based digital solution that has POS, Web and Mobile apps along with the stakeholder’s dashboard and all are integrated with each other
  • The system must be easy to use and provides actionable insight for future optimizations.
  • convincing the end users to download the mobile application.


specific actions taken to acomplish the task

  • Used the latest tech stack (MERN) to reduce the load time and reduce the bounce rate.
  • Make the solution hardware independent so that it can be accessed from anywhere and any device with internet access.
  • Introduced unique features like loyalty points, Pre-order & meal scheduling and promotions features to increase the app installs.

strategy, methodologies, and approaches

  • the main strategy was to digitalize the full process cycle.
  • Make the solution as user-friendly as possible, and get as many apps installs as possible.
  • We used waterfall software development model to achieve the objective by creating one full version, testing it, Launching it and then optimizing and launching the updated version.

innovative or creative elements

  • we added a small but creative module for daily task handling for the outlet staff to make sure they are filling in the sheet every day before ending their shifts.
  • Recommendations  and suggestions by the system to the end customer based on their historic purchase and preferences.
  • QR code integration for each order receipt and user profiles


outcomes and results

  • We successfully launched Sky catering, allowing us to evaluate its performance in a live but controlled environment.
  • The initial feedback from users was overwhelmingly positive, with 100% Customer interested to try the service.
  • While it’s still early in the process, the launch phase provided critical insights into user experience and expectation for the upcoming versions.

quantifiable metrics

  • We achieved 500+ app installs and 3000+ website visit within in the first month of launch.
  • The average time spent on Sky Catering website increased by 35%, indicating strong user engagement.
  • More than 150 users actively participated in surveys and feedback sessions, providing invaluable data for our ongoing development.

  • The launch month allowed us to identify high server requests or server overload and address them promptly, resulting in a 15% reduced bounce rate.

impact on the stakeholders and the business

  • The stake holders now have a better understanding of the overall sales, consumption, and process flow and can confidently make informed decision based on the visual representation of data on the dashboard
  • The inventory management feature has automated the manual hassle of keeping track of the inventory and ordering it on short duration.

summarizing the success

  • Since we work closely with an uprising food tech concept, we kept in mind the that the solution we develop must be scalable and flexible enough to be reused in any similar food tech business with the least customization.
  • We also made the decision to later distribute it as a license based SAAS.

Key Takeaways

  • Solving Stakeholder Pain Points: We addressed the critical issues faced by stakeholders, including a diverse customer base, communication challenges, and the need for a robust digital ecosystem. By creating a comprehensive digital solution, we improved communication, enhanced user experience, and streamlined operations.
  • Innovative Approach: Our innovative approach involved leveraging the latest technology stack (MERN), optimizing the solution for user-friendliness, and focusing on boosting mobile app installations. The introduction of features like loyalty points, pre-orders, and promotions contributed to a positive customer response.
  • Promising Early Results: The initial results from the launch phase of Sky Catering are promising, with 100% customer interest and a high number of app installs and website visits. We’ve seen a significant increase in user engagement, with a 35% boost in the average time spent on the website.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: The solution has empowered stakeholders with actionable insights through the dashboard, allowing informed decisions based on real-time data. It also ensures efficient inventory management and process optimization.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Our focus on scalability and flexibility means that this digital product solution can be adapted for similar businesses with minimal customization. By transitioning to a cloud-based model, we have laid the foundation for future SAAS-based iterations.

In summary, the SKY Catering Solution demonstrates the positive impact of a well-executed digital product strategy. It has improved stakeholder communication, increased user engagement, and provided valuable insights, setting the stage for continued growth and expansion in the food tech industry.

Product Manager Roles & Responsibilities

In the development and implementation of the SKY Catering Solution, Mohd Noumaan Khan played a pivotal role as the Digital Transformation Advisor. His responsibilities encompassed a wide range of activities, from strategy formulation to hands-on management.

Below are the key areas where Mohd Noumaan contributed:

  • Project Leadership: As the project manager, Mohd Noumaan provided visionary leadership and directed the entire project. He oversaw the planning, execution, and monitoring of all project activities, ensuring that the objectives were met within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Mohd Noumaan was responsible for bridging the communication gap between different stakeholders, including Transom (now known as Oman Air Catering), Omantel, and MAS. He facilitated constructive dialogues, ensuring that all parties were aligned with the project’s goals.
  • Digital Strategy Development: In collaboration with the project team, Mohd Noumaan formulated a robust digital strategy. This strategy laid the foundation for the SKY Catering Solution’s success, outlining the principles that would guide the development process.
  • Technology Selection and Implementation: Mohd Noumaan’s expertise in MarTech and digital transformation was crucial in selecting the right technology stack. He led the implementation of a modern, cloud-based digital ecosystem, integrating Point of Sale (POS) systems, web applications, and mobile apps.
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  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Supervision: Mohd Noumaan managed the UX and UI teams, ensuring that the digital solution was designed to be user-friendly and visually appealing. His background in web development and product launch experience was instrumental in creating an intuitive interface.
  • Feature Enhancement: He played a role in enhancing the digital solution by introducing features such as loyalty programs, pre-order and meal scheduling, and QR code integration. These features aimed to increase user engagement and convenience.
  • Performance Optimization: Mohd Noumaan prioritized performance optimization, ensuring that the solution was hardware-independent and responsive on various devices. The focus on reducing load times and increasing user satisfaction was central to the project’s success.

Mohd Noumaan Khan’s dedication to creating a flexible, scalable, and cloud-based solution was instrumental in delivering the SKY Catering Solution’s success. His role in bridging communication gaps and guiding the project from strategy formulation to implementation highlights his expertise as a Digital Transformation Advisor and MarTech Expert.

The success of the SKY Catering Solution underlines his ability to deliver innovative, data-driven solutions that drive revenue growth while enhancing customer experiences across multiple channels.


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